a little blue

Today I woke up late than usual a little headachy, prayed it wouldn't turned into a full blown migraine, felt a little off- not really sure why, perhaps the monthly visitor is coming soon. Fed the kids some Coco Puffs for breakfast; drove them to school went home and took a nap (such a waste of time). Was a few minutes late picking the kids up from school. No photos, no new listing...In other words, nothing was done today except sleeping... so I'm posting this photo of some favourite yellow finds I thrifted not too long ago to end this post on a cheerful note. Hope your Tuesday is better than mine :)


  1. Those days just STINK! I hope you aren't coming down with anything icky, and I wish you a much better Wednesday. Hugs :)

  2. Sorry it wasn't a great day- some just aren't. But love your sunny yellow dishes,
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  3. Jennie- I've been taking vitamin Cs for a week now. My hubby came home sick with a sore throat, hopefully I won't get it too...