on bribing my husband; shop update

Though my husband is very patient about my hobby- (treasure hunting and almost daily thrifting) I still need to bribe him from time to time to drive me to go to thrift shop and estate sales that are far from our home. I am a bad driver and only know how to drive within 10 miles around my house and he’s a great driver and knows his way around everywhere.

This was a conversation we had last weekend on the way to Home Depot for some paint and blinds.

Me: um honey, can we stop by at myfavoritethriftshop just for ten minutes?

Him: didn’t you just brought home a carful of stuff yesterday?

Me: yeah, but I may find something interesting there today you never know.

Him: hmmmm…

Me: whole case of Rockstar? (he’s addicted to Rockstar drink)

Him: OK! (his expression was so funny, like a deranged addict who finally will be getting his fix, Iwas laughing so hard)

Bribing him with his fix so I can get my fix, it all works out great!

here are some manly man shop update:

vintage toxic flask

vintage round glass flower frog - large and small

vintage metal tobacco humidor - ship

vintage metal owl coin dish or trinket bowl or ash tray


  1. Lol- the lengths we go to, huh? Great finds!! Love that TOXIC bottle- and the owl coin dish is sweeeeet :)

  2. Good deal! Sometimes men must be bribed. :) My husband hates going thrifting with me, and at estate sales he just wants to analyze the book collection and theorize about who lived there!