vintage home decor trends

I'm no interior designer or anything like that, I decorate my home with things that makes me happy, mostly thrifted items and things that I make. Since I started Etsy 1.5 years ago, I noticed there seems to be a trend with vintage home decor. Here’s what I thought were the hit in the last couple of years and still quite popular today, I think owls are here to stay though.

owls ...

big letters and numbers...

how about those perpetual calendars...

then antlers became the thing...

huge pull down maps and school posters...

then came the arrows...

any ideas what would be the next big thing?

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  1. Sure wish I knew! I decorate the same as you- with items and colors that make me happy. That never goes out of style :)

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  3. i love those calendars!!!

  4. i think vintage milk glass never goes out of style- or at least I hope it doesn't because I have a lot of it that I want to display in my home :)

    I have seen a lot of crocheted potholders in the blog world recently- it's part of that "granny chic" decorating style that is becoming even more popular. I have definitely started keeping an eye out for cute potholders when thrifting.

  5. So many great things! Owls have made a huge comeback!!