green and olives

The weather here in Seattle has been unbearably hot the last couple of days, and today according to the weather channel will be in the high 90s again. We’ve been cooling off at the community pool and soaking in our backyard with a little plastic mini pool and a sprinkler. Halo-halo has also been a part of our daily treats.

I did some thrifting yesterday after going to my favorite Asian store to pick up some more halo-halo mix (how did I get so lucky that this grocery store is conveniently located right next to my favorite thrift shop). I love it, I can drive and park in one place and get my grocery shopping and junking done all at the same time, no driving much, no muss no fuss. But anyway, I came home with many green items in which I will be listing soon.



set of three olive green canisters with leaf pattern (although not marked, I believed it's Otagiri Japan by looking at the design and glaze)


large ceramic leaf dish


set of six green glass mugs


and two green EO Brody glass bowls with scalloped edges


These may be listed today or tomorrow depending if the kids will decide to give me a break and let me work.


  1. I never heard of halo-halo before, so I looked it up on wikipedia. It sounds interesting. Perhaps you could share a recipe...
    Great thrifting finds, Cathy!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower, and I love thrifty finds! I'm having trouble editing lately, though. I need to really work on that. Anyways, your photos are gorgeous & I can't wait to read more.