corners of my home

I've been getting some good night rests lately and spending less time on the internet, I also got motivated today to clean my bedroom and let in some sunshine. So while everything was dusted, clean and in order, I took some pictures of the four corners of my favorite room - my bedroom, the least place that needs cleaning and the only room the kids stay away from (because I lock it).


some photos on top of my Ikea dresser


my wedding photo and a very old picture of me, my mom and my younger brother circa 1975.


on one corner are scraps of some of my favorite vintage and newer fabrics.


and the other corner hangs this really old Diego Rivera framed print that my husband thrifted many years ago from small thrift store for $8 (that man got some talent, my husband). And just in case you're wondering what's up with the 70's wooden paneling, I've grown to love it. I was aghast when we first toured the house four years ago, but when I opened the curtains covering a sliding door next to the closet, I hug my agent and completely forgot about the wall.

br view

It's a good size backyard with a nice wrap around deck, very nice shaded plants, there's a full grown clematis climbing up on the left side of the deck, some Japanese maple trees, even some racoons and bluejays playing outside. When the curtains are drawn it feels like being on a vacation without leaving my bedroom.


  1. I love it! It's beautiful! Lovely photos, too!

  2. The deck would have sold me, too. Lovely.

  3. your decor touches are charming ;)

  4. What a lovely home you have. I really like your little collections. You have done them very well.

  5. Nice! I especially love the quirky 70s thingy with the orange and red balls on it-fond memories.

  6. Thanks for sharing! What a clever way to display fabric you love!