where old is new again

My love for vintage fabric started about four years ago, when I dabbled into making purses out of vintage materials, I really enjoyed sewing and made lots of purses as gifts to family and friends. When I opened my vintage shop however, everything came to a halt; I just couldn’t find time to do much sewing anymore.

Although each time I go thrifting and find a really neat fabric, I am always itching and dreaming up of things I can make with it. I accumulated a lot of vintage fabrics over the years and did offered some fabrics for sale at my shop, and still does here. As with any treasured possession, it sometimes hurts to see my favorite fabrics go, but equally a pleasure to find how some them was given a new life.


This floral cotton fabric I sold was made into a beautiful lamp .


Etsy's yourstrulyxoxo used an elegant decanter bottle for a base which complimented the vintage floral fabric really well.


This fabric was purchased by another Etsy seller justonelook and she made it into a lovely dress.


which got sold just moments before I published this entry.

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  1. That's so awesome! How wonderful to get to see what people have made with "your" fabrics! makes letting go a little easier...