teal or no teal?

I've noticed I have been finding many items in the shade of blue lately. Though it's my least favorite colour, I love the shade of teal.

I was delighted to see this cute treasury by wallwork (where I borrowed the title of my post) today with my teal creamer in it.

Here's some beautiful blue vintage items that will be listed soon...
mid-century blue dish

vintage tins

and of course some that are already listed and up for sale here
metal tool box

Swingline metal stapler

Dansk enamelware lidded pot

fondue pot

spray mister
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  1. Thank you for following my blog. I am going to follow your blog too. By the way, the blue dish is really beautiful.

  2. Beautiful blues!! Great pics. Btw, I'm following you:D

  3. That first dish is AMAZING>

  4. I love teal--nice collection :)