just another "spring is here" post

We've been having an unusually nice weather here lately; bright, sunny and warm since the last weekend, even too warm for spring. I got so excited about the weather yesterday that I abandoned my big plastic tote full of stuff to photograph and set out to clean the deck and washed the kids outdoor toys. When they got home from school they were thrilled to see their old toys and demanded to eat their dinner out on the deck.

I also gathered their sandals, flip flops and summer clothes for the season.

Washed and put away the heavy blankets and pulled out the cotton sheets.

Stopped at Walmart to get some essentials and picked up a bag of bird seeds so we can make this tomorrow.
It's amazing what a person can accomplish in 3 hours without kids at their beck and call.
oh, Spring please stay here for good?!


  1. I am completely jealous of your weather! We got hit with another blast of snow on Monday (Toronto).. can you believe it... snow? Please send some of your warm weather our way. :)

  2. the bird feeder looks like a fun project!


  3. Oh man! I just checked up on the etsy-versary giveaway and I can't believe that I won!!! Yay! Oh man, so cool!

    I was silly and forgot to include my e-mail address in my entry, oops! It's maliciousgnome@gmail.com.

    Sorry for the delayed response!