snack time

Despite a terrible migraine yesterday I managed to stopped by a local thrift store after dropping the kids off to school. The quick 20-minute shopping yielded some neat finds of which centered around 'snack time'.
I found these lovely set of peach lustreware eggnog cups (I know they're eggnogg cups because they were sitting next to a matching large punch bowl with 'eggnogg' written on it with which an older lady inconspicuously grabbed the bowl while I was loading my cups in my cart, the nerve!)

Check out the beautiful rose imprinted on the bottom...

Then I found this olive green retro thermos by Alladdin with lovely details.

And this set of four clear glass candy dish with ruffled edges. You may also call it a bon-bon dish if you want to get fancy.

Last but not the least, an adorable wooden cheese tray with a wooden mice! Which makes snack time fun and appetizing all at the same time.

Bon appetit!


  1. I wish my stores had such lovelies!!

  2. so absolutely cool!
    I have a fetish for unusual & pretty clear glass plates or bowls which I am so lucky to find from time to time at thrift stores. Can you believe my husband actually said we NEED no more glass?! What was he thinking?!
    love those cups! That woman had some nerve!
    And I believe I actually remember those cheese boards with mice.