new obsession: jadite kitchenwares

So I have been obsessing about jadite kitchenwares since I thrifted these Fire King mugs a week ago. They're in mint condition at .49 cents a piece. When I returned home I checked Ebay just to see how much they were going for these days and found these set of 6 jadite mugs currently going for $220 and the auction is not over yet.

They seem to be the hottest collectible vintage glassware at the moment. In my many hours of thrifting, there are only a handful, actually twice that I came across jadite glassware. The ones I see in the antique shops or antique mall are priced over the roof and I certainly could not afford it. I can't believe how expensive they've gotten over the years and acquiring these at reasonable price to resell is very dificult.

I'm keeping the mugs and will be the start of a collection. I'm trying really hard not to stalk ebay to look for deals, but as any seasoned collectors would say; collecting takes patience and discipline. And persistence of course, which reminds me I must find a babysitter by tomorrow to visit the estate sale this Thursday to which they apparently have tons of this stuff, I can't wait!


  1. Jadite is a hot collectible and congrats on the score of the mugs!! I have a hard time parting with my favorite finds also.

  2. Estate sale sounds fun - good luck finding lots of treasures!

  3. I always love to visit your blog and see your latest finds. I can tell that we both have the thrift bug wicked bad! Those mugs are awesome- I am a fellow jadite lover! I actually found some lovelies on Etsy that were well-priced and was thrilled with my score. Not 49 cents mind you, but y'know. Anyway- great find and have fun!!

  4. I have a set of the fireking jadeite and I use the dinner plates every day! They are the perfect size for a light lunch or supper. I've been collecting this for a long time, and ebay is definitely not the way to go. Nor are the "antique" shops. They will be way overpriced. Keep trolling the thrift stores. I still see them a lot but am not adding to my collection anymore. The "prize" hardest to find pieces are the sugar bowl, the creamer and the cereal bowls. Good luck with this!
    PS- I'm enjoying the mottled compote dish so much!