last week's auction report

Here's the rest of my auction finds from last week. I came home with two big boxes full of the quirkiest, most colourful and fun vintage items. The auction lasted for four hours and of course the best was always saved for last, so I stayed the last hour for the jadite housewares (still drooling from all of the eye candy as I type this) hoping to maybe win the ones I am eyeing on (wishful thinking), I bid but stopped early on, so glad hubby was there to restrain me from spending a whole months worth of grocery bill for the lot of 3 jadite canisters, which was sold for $300 (still a good price I think considering what a six jadite cups were going for on ebay)

nonetheless, I'm happy with the stuff I won and didn't break the bank

This old cigar box was filled with vintage yoyo's and was on the 'silent auction' table

I watched it like a hawk after falling in love with the ladybug yoyo.

There were many bidders on this vintage red spice set made of milkglass with red metal caps...

but darnit If I can't win the canisters I'll make sure to win these... and I did.

This pottery nativity set was also a "silent auction", also the what-was-I-thinking-purchase lot...

But for 5 bucks I guess it doesn't really matter...

I also won these lovely set of B Welsh pottery to add to my growing collection...

and as a consolation I got these 2 jadite mixing bowls

and some other odds and ends.

Next estate auction is next Thursday, I can't wait!


  1. How FUN! I've never been to an estate auction- I wish I had someone like you here with me to show me the ropes. That spice set is a total treasure- LOVE it!

  2. thanks Jennie, live auction to me is less intimidating than ebay cause you can size up the other bidders and also I love the instant gratification of coming home with your items.

  3. You find the best stuff! Love the ladybug yo-yo.

  4. Nice items! Love the box of yoyos.

  5. I have almost that exact same set of spice bottles - Mine are brown though. I love them.

    Your set is more complete.

    I listed mine in my etsy shop - You should check them out - I think someone may have painted the lids on mine to yellow

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