C is for color!

or colour which is how I prefer to spell it..

Here's a few of my favourite finds this weekend...

I'm tempted to keep this magazine rack for the kid's room. It's old, it's chippy, it's teal and shabby, just the way I like it.

A round tin full of colourful skeins of embroidery floss...

A small ice bucket.. with striking design and colours...

Also found this nice piece of very colourful vintage fabric that would make a couple of nice pillow cases.

And lastly, this Orla Keily pear ceramic canister (sans lid) which I just adore for $2. It was a great Saturday afternoon of thrifting. As something Oprah would say: Jaaaaaaaaaackpooooooooot!

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  1. Ahh you've motivated me - I'm going thrifting tomorrow. I need to restock my shop, but I get too attached to half the stuff I find to even sell it. Loving that ice bucket!