weekend in pictures

We had the most gorgeous weather here in Seattle this weekend; Saturday was beautiful and what a better way to spend it than a visit to downtown Pike Place market...

...where you can dine alfresco by an alley eating copious amount of humbow (first stop is always at my favorite humbow place for some barbeque pork humbow) while watching a street entertainer... and snapping photos of random strangers (I love this girl's colourful outfit I had to snap a photo)

where you can find rows of the most lusciuos and freshest produce Seattle has to offer...

... and witness some dead flying fish, apparently the market's main attraction (there are about 25 people surrounding this guy snapping photos of him and his fishes)...

...picked up a bunch of orange tulips to brighten a room for a few days for a mere $10...

... dollar and a half carousel ride and some pink cotton candy..

and what's a visit to the Market without rubbing Rachel the pig's snout for some good luck before heading home.

It was an enjoyable day indeed.

*first photo via Flickr


  1. I've visited seattle one time and I fell in love with the city. I still remember the public market... Oh, I also remember the first starbucks store there.. What a lovely scene I miss. You're so blessed~


  2. Oh fun! I visited Seattle once, went to Pike's Place. I believe we ate at a restaurant called Two Sisters. We sat outside at a small round hand~painted table and entertained a bird.