vintage rotary phones

I love the idea of using a good old rotary phone, love the sound that it makes when dialing a number. Although I do own a couple I only use them as a decor piece and as an 'emergency' phone. I don't mind the long process of dialing phone numbers, the two things that keeps me from actually using it, is that most businesess now have an automated services and menus. And you can't use a rotary phone if you want to multi-task unless you're strap on your office chair checking emails, uploading photos and blogging simultaneously while on the phone.

I wonder if there really are still rotary phone users out there? But then again I realized there are folks that still uses typewriters...

p.s. Here's a recent find I will be listing today.


  1. Old phones were so good for multitasking - I get much less housework done now that I can't fit my phone between my shoulder and ear without accidentally dropping it or shutting it off. I used to do dishes, laundry, dust, organize....sigh.

  2. My husband and I have one of the old rotary phones that we use in the garage. It is like the one you are listing, but it is turquoise. My little nephew likes to call home on the 'antique phone' as he puts it.

    As for cradeling the phone between my shoulder and ear, I use my soon-to-be-antique AT&T first edition cordless phone. My sisters tease me about this phone, but I like how big it is so that I can do the hands free thing.


  3. I love these phones - I loved dialling on them and remember the red one we had in the family home when I was a child. These phones lasted for years and years - not like modern phones!

  4. I absolutely LOVE old phones... I want like 100 of them