life is like a box of chocolates

I went to my favorite thrift store yesterday as they were having a 50% sale off everything for Presidents Day. I should have known better; on holidays like this, the store was very crowded and a mess, a bunch of kids running in every direction, no available cart in sight and most of all, everything left is junk at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, what was I thinking?!. I found a couple of odds and ends, and as I was heading to pay, I decided to go to the linen section one more time just in case I missed something. Then I saw this red large size chocolate box all taped up on the sides, it was kind of hidden under some plastic hangers and some grungy napkins. I thought, no one had been curious to open it? I opened it and lo and behold found this rainbow of colours, stack of lovely spools of vintage thread. I was very delighted to say the least especially when I paid only half of $3.99.


  1. That's a great find! I'm totally jealous. : )

  2. great find! There are some beautiful colors in there. When you use up the thread I bet you could do something really cool with those neat-o vintage wooden spools!

  3. Wow! Awesome find! You could make some pretty cool displays with all of those thread spools!

    Beautiful blog - I just found you through the etsy forum.