orange: love it or hate it?

I always have this love and hate relationship with the orange color. Although I never owned and never wear any apparel in the shade of orange, ok I do own a pair of shoes that was bought on a whim when a big shoe store was closing in our local mall and everything was 90% off, so I thought why not, new pair for $5, can’t beat that, well it’s still in a box in my closet for almost a year now. I guess I’m just too conservative and would rather prefer red or brown over orange when it comes to clothing attire.
BUT. I love collecting home d├ęcor and fabrics in bold, intense, bright, eye-popping, traffic-stopping shade of orange. Nothing gives me a jolt of excitement and pure adrenaline rush than finding that perfectly working orange mid-century lamp in the corner of my favorite thrift store, undiscovered waiting just for me.
Or the seven plus yards of super cute floral fabric in bright orange! This actually made my heart skipped a beat, seriously.
Or the giant juice or coffee carafe of some type that looked like a genie’s bottle.

And all the small little orange stuff I found last week.

What about you? do you love or hate orange?

P.S. please look for some of these orange goodness in my shop soon...


  1. I love orange and those poppy mugs! Beautiful photos.

  2. Wonderful items! I guess it depends on the tone of the orange- loud and blaring, or... acceptable!