I'm back!... with a favorite weekend find!

wow, it's been six months since my last post where to begin? well to be honest I was a little burned out from the old blog and was thinking whether to continue or close it for good. Since getting my new phone I've been Instagraming which is so much faster and and I love all the filters I can use to make the pictures pretty.  In addition I got busy with real life in the beginning of the year with the business, taxes and the usual home chores and stuff and decided to take a much needed one month vacation to my birth place- Philippines with my mom and my daughter Sofia. It was a great vacation overall and a neat experience for my daughter. Unfortunately I don't have photos to prove it as they were all accidentally deleted.:( except a couple...

 My kiddos also turned 8 last month and I planned a princess & prince theme party for them.

And in thinking of ways to resurrect this blog, I will dedicate Mondays to be a show and tell for my favorite weekend find. So here's for this weekend...

four vintage Verner Panton chairs.

Ok. this is it for now, hoping I can get this blog going... wish me luck!


  1. Lovely photos! Your kids are getting so big! I have been taking a blogging break as well... it can get to be a bit much with all of life to keep up with. Glad to see an update from you! :)

    1. hi Rebecca, thanks! it comes and goes, my energy to blog... it's nice to step away sometimes. How's your little girl?