chair of the day

My obsession with chairs and lamps still continues. If you see my instagram feed I seem to manage to find a  lamp to buy and chairs whenever I venture on a thrifting or auction trips. So I thought I should showcase a chair or a lamp that I fancy on a weekly basis here. And of course since finding the gem of chairs from yesterdays post, I pinned these photos to show how these chairs were used in an interesting ways.

Verner Panton chairs use for church seating

white chairs on white dining area

wedding ceremony seating arrangement

All photos are from my Pinterest board.


  1. I might hesitate to sit in one...which would showcase me dipping deeper than most! :)))))

    But the clean lines and color are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Jeane, thanks for stopping by. It's actually a comfortable chair and holds weight pretty good. Though I prefer my teakwood chairs over plastic for the dining room.