weekend finds; lamps lamps lamps

Hello everyone! guess what I found this weekend at the auction, bubble lamps, footstool, and more lamps!

 I won two Nelson lamps; this larger one was really soiled but I managed to cleaned it using a little bit of dish soap with warm water and a sponge, most of the dirt came off and then I hang it outside to dry.  Quick tip on cleaning this, is that you don't want to get it too wet and don't rub it too hard, though the surface is hard it does have a rough texture that looks like a cardboard paper and it's very fragile.

This smaller pendant I got for only $10 but it is in bad condition and I didn't try to clean it yet, also it has a couple of tears which I don't think is repairable. I'm thinking of taking the shade off and repurposing it as cage lamp.

oh and the rattan footstool- this is the second one I found in a year and so excited to have found another one at a great price!

Happy Monday!