So I’ve jot down my personal goals and wishes for the new year and tucked it next to the calendar in my office which will serve as a daily reminder of sort. Nothing too dramatic but fairly similar to what I’ve wished for last year, with a new kitchen or kitchen floor still in the running.

And here's some goals for Modish Vintage:
  • Offer more furniture items; maybe more selections of affordable accent chairs, end tables, coffee table and footstools
  • With the said offering of more furniture comes the need for more storage. So I hope to turn my shed in the back into a nice, clean dedicated storage for my furniture items. Although I have been fantasizing renting a small shop/space that I can decorate with my finds and have open doors for customers once or twice a week. That would be really nice…
  • Offer more lamps and lighting fixtures
  • Get some old artwork appraised and list them (though not really sure if Etsy is a good venue for that but we'll see)
  • List more home accessories geared towards modern and asian inspired décor.
  • Offer upcycled vintage homewares.
  • Hopefully add international shipping rates to most of the smaller items to make shopping easier for my international customers.
  • A quicker turn around on shipping sold items.

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  1. Happy 2011, Evelyn! I have a feeling you are going to reach all of your goals- you are a real go getter and one of my personal heroes :)