new year's wish

I've just written my goals, as I do every first day of the year and tacked it next to the computer screen which will serve as a daily reminder. Along with my goals are also some wishes for the new year...
  • a new kitchen
  • hardwood floors
  • a vacation home in an island
  • better time management
  • being in the moment
  • a natural desire to exercise
  • photography lesson
  • more patience
  • a long and healthy life for my husband and my mom
  • a healthy baby for a dear childhood friend
  • travel
  • successful self employment
  • a separate studio/storefront to house my ever growing vintage treasures
  • read more books
  • find a good church
  • smiles and laughter
  • learn to knit
  • be more optimistic
  • a treehouse for the kids
  • confidence
  • be more creative

* photo from flickr


  1. May you accomplish all Evelyn ~
    Happy Year

  2. They all sound like admirable goals, may all your dreams come true in 1010 :-)

  3. I like your list. :) Thanks for sharing it with us - and best wishes for the new year.