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So a scary incident happened yesterday; my kindergarteners were drop off a few blocks away from their usual bus route and they were lost for almost twenty minutes and had to find their way home, the culprit was a substitute bus driver who totally missed to stop at their regular bus route.  Luckily another boy, not from their class but takes the same bus remembered where we usually pick the kids up and he walked them over to that corner where my husband and I were waiting panicked.  Thank God for the little boy who guided them home, and that nothing bad happened to them.  My little girl who thinks riding the bus was the best part of going to school is now traumatized by it and begs me to pick her up from now on.  This morning we are going to have a meeting with the principal  and the DOT. 

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And since I am on the topic of hero and being thankful today, I thought it would be the best time to thank the following bloggy friends for posting great word and shout-outs for Modish Vintage these past few days.

Many, many thanks ladies, you are my heroes!!


  1. oh my word, that IS scary! :(

    but, thank goodness for that little boy guiding them home, just like you said.


    have a fabulous weekend! :)

  2. What a happy ending to this story -- that little guy is most definitely a hero. :-)

  3. Wow...how scary! No wonder she's traumatized....good luck at the meeting!

  4. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting- how HORRIBLE for all of you! That little boy deserves some serious cupcakeage- or a cape :)

    And *blush* thanks for the thanks you crazy girl- it was my pleasure...I hope you had lots of takers on your awesome sale event!

  5. Oh that is terrible! I hope the little boy who helped your children realises what a wonderful job he did. He should be very proud of himself.

    Yes, a definite talking to the Principal is needed!

    Glad it turned out well.

  6. thanks so much for the comments! the meeting went well, everyones very apologetic/reassured us that they will take all measures so it won't happen again to any students, yadayada...I don't know if I can ever trust the kids to get on the bus again though.

    our little hero calmly said, he was just trying to get home too and my kids followed him, he's a sweet angel!

  7. so scary!!!! my son is just in preschool and i drive him everyday. there is no bus, so we'll be driving everyday until he gets a drivers license.
    thank goodness for that little boy who helped them!