Since running an Etsy shop I learned to let some things slide around my home.  Some chore has been drop to the bottom of the list; for instance I don’t do the dishes after every meal, I do ‘em all at once at night or the next morning when there’s abosolutely no more spoons to use for the cereal. I'm also fine doing the laundry only on weekends. Washing and drying I don’t mind, it’s the folding of small garments and putting away 100 pairs of socks that drives me craaazy! I only clean the house once a week, or when someone's coming to visit.  Yeah, our house is not as immaculate as you think it is dear visitor, in fact 90% of the time it looks more like this...- clutter everywhere.  This is the current state of my home this morning.  My dining table is full of stuff that's either needs to be clean or photograph for the shop. 

The mantel is right next to the spot where I take pictures and is very convenient place holder, sadly it is also the focal point of my living room. 

The USPS boxes came in last week and they’re still parked by my entrance.  And once in a while at night when I pass by to get a glass of water in the kitchen, I freak myself out, thinking someone's standing on the corner of my dimly lit entrance door.

And some odds and ends on another corner... but as you've guessed, I have way more fun blogging about my messy home than actually cleaning it :)

Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. your personal brand of clutter is quite lovely! the clutter at my house on the other hand... yeah, not so much :)

  2. it's the same at our place - i sometimes only invite people over for drinks or dinner so i force myself to clean up.

  3. This post made me smile. I have times where the dining room table becomes Etsy central. : )

  4. You're not alone. I'm in the same boat :)

  5. You know, Ms EF, had you not said the above photos were of clutter, I'd have never have thought they were messy!

    I think it all looks quite artistic!

  6. my house is the same way!!! fortunately I have a basement studio and have some nicely made cabinets in which to store my entire inventory, but on those days that I photograph, watch out!!!

  7. thank you! you guys are so generous, thing is I didn't show you the "other" clutted corner with piles of shoes, clothes and dirty dishes :)