my vintage collection; embroidered linen

This is one of those auction winnings I’m not very proud of, I mean these embroidered linens are gorgeous but I think I paid way too much for them.

$65 for a small lot of embroidered linens and added to that is the premium fee and tax, OUCH!

So why did I do it? I don't know, I really love vintage linens and I collect them and I just received my tax refund at that time I felt like splurging, added to my carefree bidding decision was the coffee and cookies I consumed before the auction started that got me all buzzed and pumped.   Yup, auctions can be really dangerous sometimes. No wonder I don't see the regulars from Goodwill at the auction, they know better.

These photos are just the good ones out of the whole lot, the rest has either stains or holes. Oh and I also won a small footstool for $10 with this lot which I reupholstered and sold for $75, so I guess it's not all that bad. 

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  1. I can 100% understand - I love embroidered linen as well and think they are the perfect gift!