phrenology craze

I love old medical ephemera, so when I won this very old, bulky (like 4-inch thick) medical book from a recent auction I was ecstatic. I've listed a few in my shop and this phrenology chart was the first one to go, they seem like the craze right now. I've also found something similar on the web lately...

this is the scan of the chart I recently sold, and as I write this post there's only ONE available for sale on Etsy.

gyclee print from Jennski
melamine trays with the popular phrenology chart coming soon to Target via Lonny.


P.S. in connection with the changing of the season I will be listing some darker, older items in the shop next week.  Sneak peek and a small news tommorow, stay tuned!

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  1. I hope the craze dies down because I want to get a phrenology head sculpture thing and vintage ones are really expensive right now.