my vintage collection: brass bowls

I wasn't very fond of brass home accesory when I started with my first apartment and home; it was one of those things that I've associated with the 70s shag rug, lava lamp or velvet artworks in terms of offensive home accessory.

Since opening my etsy shop though I’ve started seeing more of them in the thrift stores and they've kind of grown on me. I like the really old, heavy brass candelabras and small animal and fruit figures with dark patina. I started adding some brass in my home and decided that if they're use sparingly they could add lots of charm and understated elegance in a room.

I have been seeing lots of brassware show up in antique malls and auctions. And this bowl with brass elk head, I just couldn’t resist. Do you love or despise brass or did you- like me learned to love it with the current trend?


  1. these are awesome!

  2. Oh my they are so pretty (Especially put together like that) - i love that dear. I love your collection because you chose detailed engraved items - so much more interesting and beauitful than any brass..

  3. I've always liked brass and am partial to Indian and African cast brass pieces. Your collection is beautiful.

  4. Brass reminds me of the 80s when I worked in an import store. I like some of the decor pieces but not in quantities and silver is still my fave color over brass or gold.