magnolia blooms and Monday shop update

Today was a hectic day with full of appointments and small errands. It's also a gorgeous spring day and I took a few minutes raking some leaves outside and just soaking up the sun. I also snap some photos of my blooming magnolia tree on the front yard, it took several times of shooting, uploading and adjusting as the sun was so bright and had to tinker with the camera a little, I just learned something new about my camera today, bright sun, less ISO speed.

And here's a few items I added to the shop today.

vintage 1965 chemistry table chart

modern mid century orange armchair

vintage original watercolor painting - boats

vintage French tapestry wall decor mosque

vintage teak mid century modern lamp


  1. Those magnolias are beautiful! I admire your willingness to list (and ship!) large items like these-I am always so intimidated by large objects O_O

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