estate auction bounty

As promised here's the sneak peek of the treasures I've won on last week's estate auction.

s/n etchings

s/n etchings

s/n etchings

I got lots of these large vintage etchings; these are just a couple of them...


antique atache case

antique leather attache case in very good condition...

vintage deco electric clock

this really nice deco electric clock in gold tone...


large antique eagle wood mirror...

wall art1

large antique still life wall art...

wall art 2

vintage embroidered bird art...

... and last but not the least, I also got this adorable antique looking life size doll with sleep eyes. He's huge, 26" tall. While I was taking photos this morning my daughter asked me a thousand times why she can't play with it, and I kept telling her that it's not a toy, that it's for mommy's business. And she pouts, slumped her body on the couch and said "why do you always sell my favorite toys mommy?!

sigh... I don't know my darling daughter, I've always left alone all your Dora toys, I told her...



  1. Wow! What a haul!
    My grandmother had a clock exactly like that one. I'll keep an eye on your shop to see if / when you list it.

  2. You go, girl!! Nice work on the items and the photos...the attache is my fave. I get the *same* sort of reaction from my soon to be 4 year old...wish we lived closer so they could play with their Dora dolls while we ooh and ahh over each other's latest finds :)

  3. Lovely finds, that doll must be worth a lot, bring him to Antiques Roadshow!