30 days of happiness: 7

happiness is...

office after1

...a clean desk!

here’s a confession, being a self-proclaimed germ/neat freak, my desk doesn’t always look this clean and bare. An important missing mortgage paper necessitate the cleaning/filing/purging of crap from my desk last night, I do this about every other month and for some reason piles of papers seem to grow out of nowhere and buries everything, until the only thing I see is my computer screen and the opening on my hard drive where the compact flash goes. Here's the before pics of my messy desk...

office before1

my basement office, it's where I work when everyone's are asleep, it doesn't get much natural light but it's nice, cool and quiet, it's my sanctuary. Although I have another desk with my laptop on the main floor, I do most of my work here.

office before2


the ledges were cluttered with small things I'm planning to list in the shop, with the exception of the bottle of wine (can't list it, it's not vintage, kidding).

office after2


I was so motivated yesterday that I even framed some of the kids artwork, hang some thrifted prints on the wall and dusted my miniature glass collection.

Having a clean desk really do something good for your psyche.


  1. I hope your desk stays in after mode for a long time! I'm always a little depressed by how quickly clean surfaces become cluttered once again.

  2. It's nice to see that I'm not alone!