recent finds I really wanted to keep for myself

So I have been getting lucky in finding neat stuff from my latest thrifting pursuits. Or maybe it’s not so much the luck, it could be that I may be developing a keener eye; the things I used to ignore before I’m finding them now. I’m very selective when it comes to the stuff I pick for the shop and therefore finding myself having three piles of stuff at the end of my shopping trip, which are as follows;

pile 1: amazing stuff I might keep

Pile 2: amazing stuff I want to keep

Pile 3: amazing stuff I will definitely keep for myself and maybe hand it down to my daughter someday.

So these recent finds are actually in between piles 1 and 2. Stuff I really wanted to keep for myself, but I can’t because they either don’t go with the rest of my décor or I don’t have a space for it.

Unique and whimsical piano or desk lamp in polished brass finish with a music note motif.

Georges Briard large tuxedo ice bucket

Quirky 'wimpy' red and white cappucino cups and saucer made in Germany.
And a vintage body form (I will add photo later) which I don't have a clue how to ship if it ever get sold.

Please look for these items at Modish Vintage shop shortly.


  1. The wimpy cups are my faves, but you DID find some great stuff!! Your 3 piles at the thrift sound alot like mine...and I don't even sell vintage (yet?).

  2. those are some GREAT finds. Sometimes I feel like nothing that good even exists in the areas where i thrift