newly acquired gem

Very excited about my new find, a 22 pages of what appears to be all original illustrations of the world renowned cartoonist Ronald Searle about his famous Searle's Cats. Actually I didn't have any idea of who was the artist when I saw these drawings, I just thought the illustrations and the captions are too hilarious. So I bought it. When I came home I immediately googled the artist name and found out he is an influential English artist and cartoonist and some of his illustrations was recently sold at this place at an obnoxious amount of money. I have all the 22 pages, they are in excellent condition except for the darkening of the paper due to it's age, all signed and dated. And the best part? I got it for 25 cents!

These photos are just a few of the funniest ones.

"Inefficient cat captured by an astute goldfish"

"Happy cat in its bath unaware that the house in on fire"

"Vegetarian cat regarding a plate of fried eggs"

" A rather timid wolf in cat's clothing"

"Young cat already regretting puberty"

"Balding cat walking out in an unsuitable wig"

"Remarkably hairy cat faced with the problem of dandruff"

"Gluttonous right-wing cat attempting to digest the left wing of a chicken"

"Exhausted Persian cat contemplating the advantages of monogamy"

"Embarassed cat discovering that all cats are not the same in the dark"

"Two cats quite calmly making beasts of themselves"

"Two cats discover that love is a many-splendoured thing"