dreaming of vintage

I live, breath and dream of vintage it seems. Like literally dreaming my vintage items at night when I go to bed. For intance the other night, I had a very vivid dream of an old framed photo which I bought long time ago but just didn’t have time to list it yet, and this pink ice cream scooper of all things. You know how dreams seemed so real but does not make sense at all once you awake? I really didn’t remember what the dream was about but these two things was stuck in my head all day long. Creepy.

Talking about bizzare happening, another kind of odd thing that happened lately was that one of the vintage purse I sold back in December 2008 came back as returned shipment just last week. The international buyer had already left me a positive feedback couple of weeks after I shipped the bag which was back in December also. So I figured, she got the item in satisfactory condition and that she was satisfied with the transaction therefore the positive feedback. So why would she return it? I am puzzled and I did emailed her about it but no reply. I don’t know maybe she didn’t really like the purse, but why didn’t she say so, and asked for a refund, or maybe give it away to her friend or sister; why go through all the trouble (paying international shipping) of sending it back to me without any explaination?! Weird!

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