the weather outside is frightful

It’s been snowing non-stop here in Seattle since Thursday and we have been homebound eversince. Four days of not being able to go anywhere because of the 7 inches of snow proved to be very challenging with my 3 year old twins.

They are driving me nuts! And so is my husband! I am running out of ideas to entertain them. The kids can only spend half an hour the most painting and coloring until they discover it’s more fun to color the walls, smear play dough on the carpet or paint their faces. We had baked so much cookies in the last two days, I have enough treats to give to all my neighbors in the whole block. The tree and the ornaments had taken some beatings as they love taking them down and putting the ornaments back up, ughh. oh, and I’m running out of food in my house. Heck, forget the food I have not gone to my favorite thrift stores in four days, I am having withdrawal! When is this snow going to melt?

I never liked snow. When I used to live in Eastern Washington many years ago, sometimes it would snow there until February and March and stays on the ground for weeks at a time. I never could drive in snow so I'd stay at home all day and watch TV, lucky my job was just next door to where we live, only about six steps from my house.

Anyways, with only three days to go before Christmas, alas, I'm not done with my shopping yet. I think I’m just going to whip up a bag and a wallet for couple of people on my list instead.

Here's a picture of our tree. I placed the pretty, vintage ornaments on top so the kids will leave them alone.

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  1. ooh, you have a blog- I'm delighted to find it. i'll be a daily reader!