weekend finds

Being that my favorite auction place only holds a general auction once a month, I've been having serious withdrawal to find and buy stuff lately; this weekend I drag my whole family to a small antique mall to look around and pick stuff I can afford.  One booth has a big moving sale and I scored the items pictured above.  The blue fan works wonderful and surprisingly quiet, I used it all afternoon in my office yesterday.  The pig cookie jar was also a cute find and I just love the shape and the color of the creamer and sugar dishes.

Hubby is developing a keener eye for my mid century taste and spotted this beautiful teak coffee table that has a couple of spots on top greatly reduced from $100 to $30. We took it home, he sanded the top and refinished it, and now it looks like a million bucks - or more like 400 bucks :) .

A happy Monday indeed!

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  1. Yes!! The colour of the creamer and sugar dishes is just beautiful. Almost celadon, but not quite. And the table? $30?? Really?

    1. I know I still couldn't believe it, for 30 bucks from an antique mall.

  2. I LOVE the green of that sugar/creamer set! It looks great with the red ball pitcher, doesn't it?