yellows and greens: a sneak peek

A room is not complete without any yellow and greens I think, so here's
 a few bright colors that will be listed on Monday on Fab.com.  I did a small DIY window chalkboard with thrifted old window and was planning to do a post but it's fairly straight forward, there's really not much to it; I just cleaned the frame, I did not paint it over as I love the weathered look and I also left the old hardware (it does add a little charm to it, no?); spray painted a board with chalk board paint and attached it to the back of the frame and added a cork board on the middle. Here's a DIY I found online with a step by step instructions.  

Anyhoo, I think I'll do one more preview this week and then you all just have to go check out the rest of the goods on Monday on Fab, the sale starts at 4 p.m. PT. 

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  1. I love every item, beautiful blog by the way x