About two weeks ago during Memorial Day weekend my family and I visited our local dog shelter.  The kids had been asking for a dog since their last birthday and I have been stalling- I want to make sure that they, we, are ready to take care of a dog and all the responsibilities that goes with it. So we went there on a Friday afternoon and we found this small chiuaua named Fox.  He was confiscated from an animal hoarder's home and he is rooming with two other smaller dog in a tiny cage.  He's six years old and was never potty trained and we can almost see in his eyes how neglected he has been.

Needless to say it was love at first sight, Sofia fell in love with him and we took him home the same day.  We named him Lucky (after a dearest puppy I lost a few years ago).  He didn't eat or drink the first day he was with us.  He was and still is very aloof and quiet, and everyone's doing their best to make him comfortable and to break out of his shell. I actually only heard him bark once and he does not want to go for a walk; he loves to sit and lounge on his bed most of the day.  The kids are very eager to get him to play but I'm guessing it's going to take some time.  My husband and son are talking of taking him back and getting a new one; my son says a dog that barks and runs while my daughter and I are already very attached to him and can't fathom the idea of him returning to the small, cold and dirty cage. I think he's one sweet dog, in two weeks he's completely potty trained and when he's not sitting on his bed he follows me around the kitchen. I love this tiny addition to our family.


  1. Oh he's cute! If you named him Lucky you can't take him back! Let the 'men' get their own dog! :)

    1. exactly what I told them, I'm keeping this sweet lil guy.

  2. Adorable! Abused/neglected dogs can take a long time to warm up and/trust you but after that it's full on dedication. I swear, I see the thankfulness & realization in the eyes of parent's dog that he finally found love.

  3. Oh he's so adorable how can anyone not take good care of such an adorable dog or maybe that's the best thing thats happened knowing he's in a better place is good for him and your family will love him to bits:)x

  4. Oh my gosh...what a little cutie-patutie!!!! Lucky kids :)