weekend find: Arabia teacup and saucers

Hello all, I missed posting here last week, I had a bit of a hectic schedule this past two weeks and couldn't find the time to post any new finds though that is not to say I haven't been hauling new finds every week.  These set of Arabia teacups was one of my fave finds this past weekend. Aren't they so dainty and so pretty? They're made of porcelain and the cutouts are very thin and transparent; they kind of glow when I place them next to my window to photograph. I've seen them somewhere before online but have yet to research the pattern. When I spotted them on a box lot in the silent auction table I know I have to have them. They may stay with me for now until the novelty wears off :)

Do you have any favorite finds lately?


  1. Those are beautiful! What a lovely find.