instant collection: vintage Dachshund ceramics

Conversation between lady1 and hubby during the last few minutes of the silent auction while I'm busy bidding on some other things:

lady1: which items are you watching...

hubby: these lot of doggie ceramics...

lady1 (looking amused): you're standing here for those?... how cute...

hubby (looking uneasy): yes, it's my wife's.

Hubby is the best auction partner ever.


  1. Aw you're so lucky that your husband goes to auctions with you! The doggie lot is adorable, I especially like that teeny one. :)

  2. Your hubs is a sweetie... and good call keeping him involved in one of your auctions so that he doesn't come home with random crazy things, lol.

  3. WANT! I have two dachshunds and love anything dachshund :)
    Wonderful that your hubby got them for you!