some cute finds from the weekend

Yesterday's auction has left me all high as a kite...I still am today.  I scored two modern leather chairs one that resembles this and this which I may or may not list; they are so comfortable and looks cute in my living room. I also got a dozen lamps, lots of neat paintings and hundred other little things.  Needless to say my bank account is dry but I am still high from all the treasure I am currently unloading and finding spot for them to be stored.

The photos above are just a few colorful ones I've started to list this morning.


  1. Wow I've only been to a few auctions and they were super long and slow. Sounds like you definitely scored, can't wait to see more pictures of your finds. I especially like that green hippo planter!

  2. What a haul! I too love the green hippo and the chairs...can't wait to see photos of the chairs.

  3. So lovely and colourful, I LOVE the hippo!!