Martha's collection

Have you seen Martha's jadite collection on the recent issue of MS Living? I took these iphone pictures while scanning through the issue at the library yesterday just before I started drooling on them.  It's so inspiring, after seeing the photos I felt so inspired to hang on to every jaditeware I find instead of listing them.  Oh, those egg cups and that ball pitcher, swoon!


  1. Wow that's some collection and l love the look of that cake and pie yum yum:) Sandra H

  2. ...and the cake stand, and the juice reamers... total yumminess!!! This may be a good time to list the fire king jadite plates I found. Hmmm. Have to re-find them, though.

  3. Amazing! Wish I could settle on one thing to collect instead of collecting everything

  4. I am obsessed with this Martha spread and have looked at it about 50 times since buying the mag last month.

    It's been awhile since I've visited so I've been catching up on some older posts. You continue to list/show such great stuff. Always inspiring.