vintage coin bank

I'm excited with this recent vintage find, I'd like to show it off- it's an old dentist coin bank made of cast iron.  Wouldn't this make a really cool decor in a dental office or a gift to a dentist friend?

When I bought this I thought it was just a neat little decor piece, then eventually figured out that it was a coin bank.  It features a dentist and his patient and I just love these guys expressive faces!

"open wide!!"

The way the coin bank works is this; you place a coin inside the left coat pocket of the dentist and then to activate it, press the metal lever located just in front of the patient's right foot.

and this will cause the patient to fly back out of his chair and the dentist to fall back on his seat (and most likely you too the operator if you don't exactly know what is that little lever is for and forgot to properly position your thumb before pressing it!)

As the dentist falls, the coin drops into the coin slot just behind him.

what an awesome expression!

- I have a few more favorite finds I will be sharing here throughout the weeks, be sure to come back :)


  1. OMG- how funny! That is exactly the look I think I have on my face whenever I have to go to the dentist :)

  2. It sure would make a perfect gift for a Dentist..........so funny!!:) Sandra H

  3. It's in such excellent condition for a piece it's age!

  4. This is amazing!! Wow, what a cool find!