hello! a shop preview

I haven’t done any shop preview in a while so I thought I’d post some photos of some recent finds that will be up in the shop this week and also to let you know I am alive and doing well. I have been taking some time off online- aside from a few hours a week of photographing and maintaining Modish Vintage, I have been busy just hanging out with the kiddos. Presently we are enjoying tending our small garden of strawberries and tomatoes, cooking, continuing with the swimming lessons, walking to the library and watching lots of Netflix. I am currently hooked watching the past episodes of Lost, don’t ask me how I missed this show but it’s so good I can’t stop watching.

I’ve also cut down on bringing stuff home from thrift stores. I do my shopping once a month and I list them all throughout the weeks, which really helped keep my budget in check and my studio/basement organized. I know how hard it is to list and so much easier to find and buy inventory.

So anyhoo, that's it for now... I will be listing some neat lamps in the shop this coming weeks and maybe small pieces of furniture.  Hope everyone's enjoying their summer.

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  1. Hi Evelyn! I've been thinking about you! Glad to hear you and the kids are doing so well. We'll be doing the swimming lesson thing ourselves next week- I know Sophie will love it :)