pretty pastels

I recently joined Pinterest and love looking at other people pins, there's so much inspiration in one place. I found these beautiful images all evoking the beauty of spring from Tinas's board and it had me dreaming of a real spring weather.

This weekend I didn't do any thrifting at all, but did some yard work and also had a nice intimate dinner with the mister at our favorite italian place and went for a leisurely walk on the mall right after, which seemed  a little weird now that I don't ever visit the mall anymore,  I would be looking at a Coach purse and telling myself just how much vintage items I can stuff my car with that price.  But this weekend I feel like treating myself a little so we stopped by at H&M- the only clothing shop that carries nice, inexpensive clothes that does not make me feel guilty of buying. I bought a couple of nice shirts and a top and a pair of sandals, and I can't wait to wear them outside without having to wear socks and jacket.

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