insect prints

A couple of weeks ago I found an antique agricultural book at an auction with a bunch of these neat looking insect prints, I think they would look great framed and hung in the kids room but I have yet to ask my son's approval who hates bugs and not quite over yet with this Care Bear stuff toys.  But aren't they cute?


  1. It's a big leap from Care Bears to bugs :) They are pretty neat, though!

  2. Jennie, actually he's into butterflies, flowers and fairies at the moment, bugs is within the same species right?

  3. I think they are great!!!
    He'll be into bugs soon enough. No rush!

  4. Those are awesome!! I'm a medical/scientific illustrator and I have the weirdest interest in these old types on book illustrations, I love the old paper that has yellowed a bit - such a great look, and make beautiful wall art. A triptych of those would look amazing on a boy's bedroom wall, I agree. Cool find :) Love the blog!

    Courtney xoxo