another flower vase post

Can I still talk about vases, I promise this will be the last one-- for this week :)... So what I haven't shown you from this weekend's haul was a couple of the Fiesta vases I won from the same auction; one was in my favorite shade of seagreen and the other one was black.  I had a mini freak-out when the auctioneer announced that I won them for $25. 

I love Fiestaware and the color on this vase is just gorgeous but I really didn't know what's their value. I cleaned them to their shiny state this morning then went to the trusty ebay and searched the completed transaction for Fiesta vases,and saw this one just sold for $950, NINEHUNDREDFIFTY!, (major freak-out!) it has the same color, same size and design. 

I think I'll hang on to them for now and maybe list them on Ebay sometime in the future, I don't know yet, I usually list the higher-end stuff on the other site as they don't do too well on Etsy for some reason.  So yes, it was a very surprisingly fruitful weekend indeed.


  1. I love that it is so bold!

  2. WOWEEEEEEE! It is really gorgeous, and it's nice to have a rainy day fund in such a lovely shape :)

  3. Oh my! Can you say ka-ching!

    Anything green simply catches my eye. All of the vases are very nice.