Some numbers that are floating around in my head today...

The kids just completed their 100th days of school, such a great milestone!

I looked at my calendar and it dawned on me- my munchkins are turning 6 in less than 3 months! 
2 things they want for their birthday; cupcakes and bouncy house, which I think is the perfect combo.


The shop reached more than 10,000 hearts this month! so much love!

Speaking of love I can't believe I have been doing this Etsy gig for almost 3 years now (will be 3 years in April)... and I still LOVE it so; every minute of it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  I live and breathe Etsy, can you tell?

5 years ago we moved into this house, the longest I have ever stayed put in a place for the last 20 years.  Where all 2,000 sq ft of it now houses hundreds of my junks ahem "treasures",  kidding, only a thousand of it the rest is our living space (hubby thinks).  A place where many wonderful memories, growth and incredible milestones were made.

and this makes my 367th blogpost :-)

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  1. Wow- you do have alot of numbers going on! Congratulations on all of your milestones- 10,000 hearts is giganticly humongous! And you deserve every one :)