vintage postcards

On my recent auction trip, I won a big box of junk from the silent auction table; on the bottom of a few brass items and all the junk was this wooden box.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a box of vintage postcards.

Whoever collected these postcards was determined to fit them all in one box, it was full, the box was falling apart on the sides.

Here's a few neat and interesting ones....
owl postcards, I love the brown shades on these cards...

there are a bunch of these old photographs made into postcards...

hauntingly beautiful; interiors of old houses.

amish postcards? anyone?

There's a few Larson "Far Side Cartoons", this one's a classic!

here's an interesting one; a silhouette of a man taking photos of what looks like an icicles... seriously, someone thought this is a good enough photo to use as a postcard?

detail shot of the above I presume... this photo look repulsive...

and so is this...another detail shot in the shade of red...


Honestly. Can you imagine receiving something like this in your mail?

ok, that's it for now...I'll show more postcards on another post.


  1. The box is beautiful. I think I like the porcupine on a stick postcard the best... The idea of that fellow licking on the needles is kind of hilarious.

  2. What a great find, the box and the cards are just wonderful.

  3. What a great and eclectic collection! Some real treasures here

  4. We had a family friend who traveled extensively when I was growing up. He send cards from everywhere. It was such a thrill to get them & imagine myself in all of those exotic locales(even if the card was from PA!)
    I think I still have them around somewhere.
    Thanks for reminding me!

  5. I love vintage postcards and photos - they are so special to find!

  6. Great finds, and I love your narrative- you had me giggling!!

  7. i think they are Amish.
    and i certainly would NOT want one of the caves postcards in my mailbox :)

  8. LOVE. VINTAGE. PAPER...anything. So coveting this find--congrats on your score!