new home: marble owl and botanical poster

It's been a while since I did one of these "vintage items in their new home" post here it seems... photo appreciation is scarce lately but I found a couple.

Starting with this marble owl  that travelled all the way to Netherlands and graced Saskia's mantle for the holidays. (She also writes a blog that showcases her wonderful vintage finds here.)

and this botanical poster became an inspiration for this customers bathroom redo.  Lovely! Her orange vase and green file box was also from Modish Vintage shop.

and speaking of poster, this other botanical poster listed in my shop is being featured along with other 14 vintage items on Kaboodle slideshow about an American Picker celebrity connection that can be found here: www.kaboodle.com/indie/indie-blog/article/etsy-inside-scoop-discovering-history.  Please click and share!

my, my that's all the press I can handle for today :) Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. The poster was gorgeous - such a lovely thing to hang on your wall :)

  2. *blush* Thank you for showing my picture & my blog! (psst but it's not Australia, it's the netherlands :))

    Love the poster, if only I had walls enough!

  3. Saskia- ooops, my bad, I've corrected it! Have a great weekend!