last minute gifts under $25

I love Etsy's new 'circle' feature; it somehow gives me some comfort on slow days to see people were actually browsing in my shop hearting my items, and putting me on their treasuries.  Also it's a great way to find what others in your circle are favoriting. Here are a few things that were hearted by some cool peeps in my 'circle'.  I think they would make a great last minute inexpensive gift, all $25 and under.

awesome calendar found here
pretty pillow cases with modern and retro flair found here

a dozen soap samples with nice use of cute Japanese masking tapes found here

and this neat poster found here

And if you're still looking for just the right gift for that special someone, there are 95 items in my $25 and under section at Modish Vintage shop.  There are various little things there for everyone!

Happy Monday!

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