my vintage collection: illustrated nutrition books

Can I just tell you that I ruffled someone's feathers by winning these... it’s a box full of vintage nutritional books from the 50’s sitting on a silent auction table.  Towards the auction closing there was this lady-a regular, "guarding" a section of the table- yeah I know your tactic, well I have a tactic too, it's called "excuse me, I need to go by here and check this box out, can I do that it's a free country afterall, thank you!" then I wrote my number while the auctioneer is doing his countdown.  You should have seen her face, awkward! but she probably won the rest of the things on table so I didn't feel bad....just a little...let me tell you it does get wild and crazy (and comical) in there during the last few seconds before the auction closes, it's a real adrenaline rush. 
This one is my favorite out of the whole bunch; the illustrations are so adorable and very colorful; it is about a little boy asking for his milk and the mom telling him the journey from the farm to his table. It’s a little book commissioned by the National Dairy Council in the mid 40’s. I have scanned the pages for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



  1. Hehe- I love the description of you ruffling the feathers. The colors in this book are AWESOME! Go, Evelyn!!

  2. They're gorgeous! and a big raspberry to the losing bidder ;-p